IFMA Advocacy Front

After many years of effort and your support, the President signed into law in December legislation that is a direct result of our advocacy efforts and your support.

Both Tom Carper and Jeff Denham have been strong proponents for the improvement of management of federal property.  At one of our advocacy days they were both preparing to speak to our group and they decided to align on this issue and now it is law.

The Federal Property Management Reform Act of 2016 requires agencies to maintain up-to-date inventory of the property it owns, provides for increased co-location opportunities for federal agencies with the Postal Service and establishes a Federal Real Property Council to develop uniform guidance for agency property managers to follow and share best practices in property management among agencies.

Further actions will include property disposition as well as training opportunities which are both areas IFMA would like to assist with.

Carper Legislation to Improve Management of Federal Property Becomes Law


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