IFMA Certifiations

Certified Facilities Manager – CFM

This is the highest level a Facilities Manager can achieve and is one that is recognized around the world. The CFM program assesses professional expertise through work experience, education and your ability to apply the knowledge and experience you have gained in taking and passing a comprehensive exam. The certification is competency based and is gained through the following steps:

  • Confirmation of Eligibility and Application to sit for the exam
  • Self Assessment
  • CFM Exam Review
  • CFM Exam
  • Maintenance of CFM Status through Continuing Education

The computerized exam consists of 180 questions delivered in random order related to the following nine competency areas:

  • 1. Operations and Maintenance
  • 2. Real Estate
  • 3. Planning and Project Management
  • 4. Leadership and Management
  • 5. Quality Assessment and Innovation
  • 6. Finance
  • 7. Human and Environmental Factors
  • 8. Communication
  • 9. Technology

CFM Review: To assist the candidate in preparing for the CFM exam, both IFMA National and your Greater Triangle Chapter offer exam review programs. These will be two hour reviews given just prior to the exam date, to prepare CFM candidates in achieving certification.

CFM Review Classes: Both IFMA National and your Greater Triangle Chapter offer IFMA offers “The CFM Exam Review Class”, Please contact The Chapter for when then next available class is scheduled.

CFM Review Course:
IFMA offers the “The CFM Exam Review Course”, made up the manual and workbook / self-study guide. These are available as a set to IFMA members for a fee.

IFMA National CFM Certification

Certified Facility Manager Preparation

How to maintain your CFM professional accreditation

CAMP User’s Guide

Certification Maintenance Worksheet

 Facility Management Professional – FMP

IFMA offers the FMP recognition as a Facility Management Professional. This is a professional comprehension program that is based primarily on coursework and not experience, and is designed for the entry level facility professional.

To earn the FMP, there are four required courses to complete. There is no exam, as is required to earn the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) credential, and there is no up-front application. Once you’ve completed the required courses, simply submit the FMP application online.

All courses are available online as well as at instructor-led classroom settings. FMP candidates may customize their training by taking instructor led-courses, online courses or a combination of the two.

Courses are also available through approved providers (partner associations, community colleges, training companies), local chapters (if available) and the IFMA Foundation’s Recognized Degree Programs.

IFMA National FMP Certification

Sustainability Facility Professional – SFP

Going for high performance?
Aim higher with the Sustainability Facility Professional™ (SFP™) credential.

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Optimum “sustainability” for savvy CEOs and facility professionals goes beyond certifying the premises with the preferred building rating system. It is a commitment to improving the facility’s impact on the environment, productivity and people—not just today, but tomorrow too.

Become an SFP and play a key leadership role in creating, managing, and operating sustainable facilities. The SFP is the new credential for FMs seeking a higher level of sustainable performance. Go farther, faster. Engage all your company’s FM assets to truly maximize triple bottom line results.

Ready to get started? The IFMA SFP Credential Program is the only tool you’ll need to earn the SFP credential. This self-study program combines comprehensive electronic/printed reading materials, interactive online study tools and SFP final assessments to teach and reinforce critical sustainability FM concepts and help you earn the SFP credential.

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