Professional Scholarships

Facility Fusion 2018 Scholarship

Facility Fusion is all about focus — on your unique needs as a facility manager, on your concerns in supporting particular facility types, and on your career goals and objectives.

Your facilities.

  • In-depth education focused on your unique FM needs.
  • Practical solutions to address every FM challenge.

Your career.

  • Essential leadership development.
  • Guaranteed professional connections.

Always our focus.

  • IFMA’s focus is on enhancing FM careers worldwide.
  • IFMA has been the leader in advancing the FM practice for 35 years.

IFMA Facility Fusion is designed to meet specific professional development needs for every FM. From day-to-day operations and soft management skills, to advanced sustainability and workplace strategies, we’ve got you covered.

On behalf of the Professional Development Committee, the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA is offering a $2,000 scholarship to Facility Fusion.

Reference the links below to Fusion and scholarship application.

2018 Facility Fusion


Applications must be submitted to Chapter Administrator Candi McDowell by February 14, 2018.


World Workplace Scholarship 2017

The Professional Development Committee was pleased to offer four World Workplace scholarships in 2017.  World Workplace 2017 will be held in Houston, TX from October 18-20, 2017. Congratulations to the following Scholarship winners:

1) Randal Goller
2) Justin Barber
3) Cris Karasek
4) Buck Fisher 


World Workplace Scholarship 2016

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) has awarded four scholarships to World Workplace in San Diego October 5 – 7. Out of the seven applications received, the PDC used a scorecard matrix to rank the applicant’s responses to the questionnaire. Three scholarships were awarded based on total score and one was awarded to our current Chapter President. Congratulations to Haley Conover, Amanda Frendberg, Carolyn Palmeri, and Connie Drake. These scholarships will assist in enhancing leadership opportunities within our Chapter and promote professional growth. 


Professional Development Grant

To provide support for on-going professional development activities for eligible chapter Professional Members.

Professional members who have completed at least twelve (12) months of continuous membership in the Triangle Chapter of IFMA are eligible to apply for a professional development grant at any time.

Board Members and Officers
Board members and Officers may apply for a professional development grant once every two (2) years.

Types of Activities
Any activity that legitimately promotes the professional development of an eligible member may qualify for professional development funds. These include but are not limited to attendance at conferences, seminars, workshops, short courses, degree programs or testing for local, state, national certification and licensure.

Approval Procedures
Approval of all professional development grants is contingent upon the availability of funds. To apply for a professional development grant, the eligible member must submit a written explanation of what activity will be carried out and its relation to the members’ professional growth. The request shall be sent to the Professional Development committee Chair for review. The Chair will then forward to the Chapter Board for review and final approval. It should be noted all Members would compete for grant funds.

Grant Amounts
The Chapter will subsidize professional development activities by reimbursing up to a maximum of $1000 for authorized expenses incurred for the approved activity.

Professional Development Activity Report
Following the activity, a brief report indicating to what extent the anticipated outcomes were realized and describing the work completed should be prepared and submitted to the Chair of the Professional Development committee.

In no case will authorization for a professional development grant to be approved retroactively.