Habitat for Humanity Day

The Community Outreach Committee has put together a great event with Habitat for Humanity on Saturday, May 5th, 2012. This is a great event and wonderful way to give back to the community. I hope to see you there! Please sign up two ways…123sign up for a lunch count AND through Habitat Humanity. See below.

Date: May 5th, 2012

Location: Augusta Crossings 4109 Green Jacket Trail Raleigh, NC

Goal: 30 Volunteers/maximum

Contact: Frank Smith / 919-427-4998


IFMA and Habitat for Humanity


Lunch will be provided by IFMA  ===>Register for Lunch on 123Signup <===


Volunteer Hub is an online volunteer registration software program that Habitat Wake is now using! Volunteers can register at their convenience, sign the waiver of liability and select volunteer dates as a member of a group or as an individual. There are two steps: registering & signing up.

To Register:

1. Visit the webpage http://habitatwake.volunteerhub.com

2. If this is your first visit, click ‘Register’ and continue to the next page. (If you have been to this page before, log in using your created username and password and continue to the calendar of events.)

3. Read the Covenant Not To Sue and Release Agreement 

4. Create a Username and Password 

5. Click ‘Next’ 

6. If you are a member of a group*, select the appropriate group and click ‘Next.’ If you are an individual, or if you do not see your group name on the list, simply click ‘Next’ 

7. Fill in all spaces in the User Registration page 

8. Click ‘Next’ 

9. Verify the information is correct on the User Registration: Confirmation page 

10.   Click‘Finish’ 

11.   Click‘Finish’ again

You will automatically be directed to the schedule of events page, where you can view available volunteer projects.

To Sign Up:

1. To view more information about a volunteer day, click on an Event Name (i.e. Lot 79 – Wake Forest)

2. Once you decide on the date/time slot you are interested in, click ‘Sign Up’ 

3. Click ‘Next’ 

4. Check the correct Group Affiliation, if applicable, and click ‘Next’ 

5. Verify your information is correct and click ‘Finish’

6. Click ‘Finish’ again