October 2012 – Monthly Meeting

Please Join Us!

What: What’s all the buzz about geothermal heating and cooling?  Come to the October luncheon and find out more.
When: October 10, 2012
Where: PNC Arena
Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM


Scott Emery, Director, Bowman Geothermal, will present an overview of geothermal heating and cooling at our October meeting.  Geothermal has been called the most efficient heating and cooling technology available.  The presentation will explain what geothermal heating and cooling is, why geothermal systems are so efficient, and how geothermal ground loops tap into the earth’s free energy.  In addition, real world examples will be presented that demonstrate the economic benefits of ground source heating and cooling.


See you October 10th at PNC Arena!


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