Green Zone – Sept. – 2011

Energy Audits not only help you go Green, they save you money!
Submitted by Randy Clark, TMT

In today’s struggling economy, your properties can’t afford to waste money. However, you may be throwing away a lot of money every year without even knowing it! Operating inefficient electrical and lighting systems can cost you money, using up more energy than necessary to achieve equal lighting levels. A commercial energy audit is the best way to identify this waste and help optimize energy expenses.  And by doing this you will help “sell” going green initiatives to the principle of a company because green technology is all about ROI!

First, you’ll need to contact a local lighting maintenance company. They’ll be able to supply a qualified energy audit technician to assess your existing lighting system. Commercial energy audits are recommended for all types of properties, including: Office buildings, Grocery stores,Banks, Retail stores, Car dealerships, Industrial spaces, Warehouse, and more.

The Auditor will then work closely with you to create an energy reduction plan. This detailed strategy is designed to streamline your commercial lighting system using the data recorded during the energy audit itself. By targeting specific areas of waste, your energy-efficiency plan will be tailored to your current system as well as your lighting needs.

Most commercial energy audits will recommend switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs, T8, or T5 lamps. These highly-efficient bulbs are not appropriate for all applications, but they are great for commercial spaces like corporate offices, restrooms, and employee workstations. With CFLs, you get equal lighting levels but use far less energy, providing considerable savings!

Most lighting management companies provide energy audits. Contact your local light company or commercial electrician today to learn more about the process. When you schedule an energy audit for your company, you’re on the road to energy savings, reduced overhead, and a decreased environmental impact. It’s a great opportunity to save money and go green all at the same time!