Board Interviews

Mike KristonMeet the Secretary…Michael Kriston

1.       What excites you the most about IFMA’s work in the Triangle?

I believe that all members of the chapter have an improved quality of life thru their involvement in IFMA.  Whether it is building friendships that last a lifetime, creating a network of supporters and resources who can help when faced with a tough situation at work, or providing a forum for open information exchange to improve performance, my belief is that each one of us is better for being a member of this great chapter.


2.       What made you decide to be on the Board?

I’m a firm believer in this chapter and organization, and when provided with the opportunity to join, it was a no brainer.  Being on the board allows the opportunity to see the chapter from all sides, and look for areas of excellence, areas that we can improve in, and everything in between.  I ultimately enjoy serving the membership, and this was a way to increase my service for the chapter.


3.       What legacy do you want to leave by virtue of serving on the IFMA Board?  What do you want to accomplish by serving on the IFMA Board?

I hope our team’s legacy is one of improving the long-term viability and success of the chapter.  One of the areas I hope we positively influence is improving the efficiency of our volunteers’ time.  We are a very active chapter who puts on 20+ high quality programs, community service opportunities, and networking events.  Thru our 80+ volunteers, a lot of hours are expended in putting all of these programs together.  I am hopeful that as we continue to grow and evolve, we will find ways to improve our efficiency – which will allow us to ensure none of our volunteers are overstressed or overtaxed.   I also hope we positively influence the pipeline of future chapter leaders, without this pipeline, our chapter will have challenges maintaining all the positive strides we have made over the last few years.


4.       What about IFMA makes you passionate about the organization?

The people and the great relationships I have made.  This is such a friendly and helpful organization, and I have seen members bend over backwards to help each other out.


5.   What is something that most IFMA folks would not know about you?

I have taken several personality tests over the years and they all point to one common theme – I am a pretty solid introvert.  Getting into business development has forced me to become much more comfortable in large social settings, speaking in front of crowds, and networking opportunities.


6.   If you were holding the winning Powerball ticket in South Carolina from this week, what would you do with the money?

Pay off the house and cars, buy some recreational hunting land, put a bunch of it in the bank and educational funds for Tyler, and keep on doing what I’ve been doing.  I really value my role as a being a resource for other folks and building strong relationships, whether personally or professionally.  I’ve made some really great friends thru relationships that started in a work setting, and would not want to give that up.


7.   What do you like to do when you are not at work or doing IFMA Stuff?

I would probably be classified as a jack of all trades and master of none.  I enjoy hunting deer in the fall and winter, and I have recently re-discovered that inner flame for golf.  I play hockey in a league in Hillsborough year round, and generally skate in a couple of tournaments a year.  I also enjoy running – I recently completed my 12th full marathon, and hope to tackle ultra-marathons sometime in the next few years.   None of this would be possible however without the support of my extremely understanding wife, Gina, who gives me the time to tackle all these crazy pursuits.  As Tyler continues to grow, I hope he may find some enjoyment in some of these activities, but suspect that I may develop additional interests when he finds activities that he enjoys.