Board Interviews

Meet the Treasurer…Rob Griffin

1)      Tell us about your family and personal background? 

I’m a local guy.  Born in Raleigh and raised splitting time between my dad’s family farm in northern Orange County and my mom’s in northern Durham.  Spent about 10 years out of state and moved back to NC in 2007; the roots run too deep to stay away too long…  I’m happily married to Veronica, whom I’m happy to say, I met through IFMA.  We live in Raleigh with our two Jack Russells, Brooke and Sammy.

2)      Why and when  did you realize that you wanted to follow your current career path?  How has IFMA helped to further your career and opportunities? 

I realized it in 1999 when I took a job as a property manager for a firm in Rochester MN that needed help managing their property portfolio, construction projects and maintenance team.  The opportunity to help guide a property from inception, or revitalization, through its life while maximizing return to the investors was a fun challenge that came naturally to me.

IFMA has opened the doors to many great relationships that have helped me on a daily basis through my job (i.e. – very qualified people to count on when I really needed help), many of which have turned into wonderful friendships.

3)      What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? 

Well… when I was just getting started in the construction industry after college, I thought I knew it all, didn’t everyone at that age?  A former co-worker yanked that 24 year old kid aside and told me if I ever planned on getting anything done that I needed to treat my subcontractors and employees with more respect.  That single moment opened my eyes to what makes the world, professional and personal, go round and I’m forever grateful to him for that.

4)      What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

I love spending time with my family, tackling the curves on my motorcycle, playing basketball and growing my BBQ sauce business

5)      What are you reading right now? 

I’m currently working my way through the rest of the Bourne series after cramming The Bourne Legacy in time to see the movie.

6)      Where do you see the Greater Triangle Chapter in 10 years? 

I believe our chapter will be one of the strongest chapters in the nation, in terms of size/growth, sponsorship and member participation.

7)      What individual(s) have been most influential in your life outside of  family? 

My former boss.  He led through conviction.  I’ve never had someone push me harder to improve myself while pushing me to help improve the situation of others.

8)      If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

That’s a hard one.  I’d love to see Australia and New Zealand but in these tough economic times, it’s hard not to buy into keeping those dollars here at home.  I’d be just as happy with a bike trip out west to the Rockies or taking it out along Route 66 to see the Grand Canyon and some true Americana along the way.

9)      What do you think the biggest challenge facing facility managers in the next 10 years will be? 

Companies will continue to push operating budgets lower and lower to stay competitive.  The lure of outsourcing facility management for budget savings will push salaries down to the point that experienced managers will seek other career paths and young people will choose higher paying careers, slowly gutting our profession.