IFMA Triangle Member Spotlight – Amanda Frendberg

She began her membership in the Triangle chapter 2.5 years ago by serving in the Community Outreach committee.  This involvement allowed her to build last relationships and become well known within the chapter.  She then became Co-Chair of the Membership Committee. “Being involved in a committee is the best way to get the most out of our chapter”.  Although Amanda does not have a professional mentor, her experience as chair of a committee has taught her about managing goals, agendas, meetings, and accountability for the committee members.

Amanda has been in the industry for five years. If she were to give her younger self some professional advice, she would tell her to go to a 4-year college and get the full college experience.

As an associate member, her goals and favorite outcomes from the chapter revolve around educating and assisting FMs in the Triangle achieve their own goals and further their careers—truly a service-first provider!

Now to the good stuff:

Beach or Mountains? Beach, of course!

NC State, UNC, Duke, or ECU? Wolfpack all the way.

Where are you from originally? Fayetteville, WV