IFMA Triangle Member Spotlight – Justin Barber


Justin Barber – Chair of the Networking & Events Committee, 2015 Professional Member of the Year

Justin became a member in 2013 and has hit the ground running.  Since attending the Mega Networking Event at Charlie Goodnight’s in January 2013, Justin has served on numerous committees and worked on several projects for the GTC of IFMA.  His efforts helping obtain a record number of sponsorships, his all-around dedication and involvement in the chapter earned him the distinguished honor of 2015 Professional Member of the Year.

Justin, a Pennsylvania native and avid Steelers fan, is the current Networking & Events Committee Chair and has brought his passion to learn and give back to the community and to our chapter.  After starting as a Superintendent Justin currently Property Manager of 8 different locations with over 36 customers/companies and 607,916 s.f. to manage for Highwoods Properties.  His quick rise within Highwoods Properties and IFMA comes as no surprise to anyone who has sent time having lunch or a cold craft beer with him.  Justin is married, a father of 2, likes to travel, play golf, relax and spend time with his family.