About Our Members

About Our Members

Membership Classifications

Membership in IFMA shall consist of individuals who support the purposes, vision, mission, goals, core values and Code of Ethics of the Association.

Professional Member

Professional Membership is open to facility practitioners and educators, whose primary responsibilities are to provide, oversee, or teach one (or more) Facility Management core competencies. Core competencies and examples:

  • Communications (technology, integration, knowledge management)
  • Finance (with regard to real estate and facilities: analyzing, accounting, forecasting, budgeting, tax auditing and controlling)
  • Human and Environmental Factors (environmental, health and safety, workplace dynamics, teamwork, interpersonal behaviors, ergonomics)
  • Leadership & Management (code compliance, telecommunications, purchasing, security, food service, reprographics, building services, transportation, furnishings and equipment inventory, maintenance, and outsourcing management)
  • Operations and Maintenance (physical plant, preventative maintenance, conservation, energy management systems)
  • Planning and Project Management (strategic, tactical and annual facility planning; new construction and/or renovation; interior space planning and design; workplace specifications, installation and space management; architecture and/or engineering projects)
  • Quality Assessment and Innovation (international standards organization, standards, facility audits and total quality management)
  • Real Estate (acquisitions, financials, negotiations and/or disposal)
  • Technology (development, implementation and maintenance of Information Technology (IT) systems)


Associate Member

Associate membership is open to individuals whose primary responsibilities include: business development; sales and/or marketing as a consultant; representation of a manufacturer, vendor, dealer, distributor; and/or provider of facility-related products and services.

No more than two representatives in the Associate classification from any organization may belong to any one chapter at a time.

Young Professional Member

Young Professional membership is open to new IFMA members that are under the age of 30 and new or current IFMA members that graduated from an accredited university or college within the last 12 months at the time of application or membership reclassification/renewal. Young Professional Membership will be limited to two years.

Student Member

Student membership is open to candidates who are engaged in full-time study at an accredited college or university. At such time as the member is no longer engaged in full-time study, he or she shall be reclassified to the appropriate membership category. Verification of full-time student status may be required.

Retired Member

Retired membership is open to members in good standing upon their permanent retirement from full-time facility management practice, business development, sales, and/or marketing. Should a retired member return to full-time employment as either a practitioner or in business development, sales, and/or marketing position, he or she shall be reclassified to the appropriate membership category.

Corporate Sustaining Partner

The Corporate Sustaining Partner (CSP) Program is designed for companies providing product and service solutions to facility management professionals.

The Corporate Sustaining Partner (CSP) Program allows companies to elevate their image and name recognition within the largest facility management audience, IFMA membership, while also receiving exclusive marketing and promotional benefits.

Membership Term and Limitations

Membership shall be for an annual term, renewable indefinitely, subject to reclassification, upon payment of dues. All membership terms are renewed on the anniversary of the date of the member’s approved application.

Membership does not include use of Association resources, the Association’s name or intellectual property, or the Association’s membership directories for the direct promotion of products or services.

Industries Served by our Chapter

IFMA Triangle includes a host of Membership including: Corporate, Public and Private K-12 and Higher Educational Facilities, Science and Technology, Research and Development, Biotechnology, Architecture, Branding & Engineering Design, Construction, Restoration, Software Development and a multitude of support and service organizations.