Advocacy Day – Newsletter Article

Advocacy Day summary – Newsletter Article

The Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA has supported IFMA Nationals Advocacy Day the past three years.  The chapter’s support of this event provides information to our leaders in Congress and the Senate on the importance of their support to our profession but also in support of initiatives that help us manage our facilities better and more cost efficiently.  As Facility Managers and Service Providers, we impact the built environment everyday through thousands of jobs, managing workspaces that affect how companies perform, managing budgets that impact the economy,  and managing environmental impacts such as utility use, indoor air quality, waste generation and recycling.


I’ve been honored to represent this chapter the past two years at this event.  We have meetings scheduled for us by the IFMA’s Legislative Group in Washington.  This year I met with our local representatives including staff from Representative David Price’s office, Senator Kay Hagen’s office, and Senator Richard Burr’s office. Our discussions center around the strength of IFMA providing knowledge that can assist the federal government train their facility managers who currently manage over 500,000 buildings, or work through space planning associated with dealing with 40% vacancy rates in those facilities and developing a real estate disposal process to assist with getting those buildings and the expenses associated off of the budget.  We also discussed the need for support from the federal government to develop a new energy policy as commercial buildings are primary users of energy and facility managers are continually seeking more efficient ways to manage our utility use and costs.  Our focus is simple, we have members that have a wealth of expertise in all facets of facilities management and we want to assist the federal government in the management of their facilities to improve our governments management of those public resources.


We highlight current legislation that requires their support such as Senator Tom Carpers energy bill working its way through the Senate requiring better energy efficiency measures in federal buildings.  And we also call on Congressional or Senate support of existing legislation such as the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act passed but the GSA has not fully followed the intent of the legislation and developed their own training standards when they could have adapted IFMA’s training at a significant savings in both cost, time to implement, and quality of training to the Federal Facility Managers.


IFMA has a number of updates available on their website under legislative updates.


If you have any questions about the Advocacy Day event or would like to offer suggestions on areas you feel are important, please feel free to contact me at


Mike O’Brien