Website Revamped

Stop.  Think.  When was the last time you accessed the IFMA GTC website? If you have not accessed the in the last two months, then you may have missed a big transition on our webspace!

The first thing you may notice when going to the website is that we have attempted to consolidate information to allow for information to be accessed with fewer clicks.  Before you may have needed 3 or 4 clicks to get to information, and now we have tried to limit it to 2.

The second thing you may notice is that we have completed revamped the calendar.  This new calendar will allow you to see multiple events on the same day, whereas before, you were only able to see one event per day until you clicked specifically on the day.

We have also created a new, improved and targeted sponsor guide!  When considering folks to perform work inside your facilities, we would ask that you utilize the sponsor guide (on the first page, right side) to include the sponsors who make the great programs and events of our chapter possible!

As many of us have become mobile workers, so has our website!  You will find that accessing the website is much more user friendly when using smartphones and tablets than before, as our website will adjust itself based upon the device that is accessing it. 

With all these great improvements, we are still heavily dependent on our users for content.   You will notice we have maintained the member spotlight section of our website.  If you would like to be featured, reach out to our communications committee for the requirements/ questions to create a member spotlight.  Additionally, we are always looking for folks to do write-ups on events and other programs – again please contact the communications committee at to find out all the details.

Thanks again for your involvement in the Greater Triangle Chapter, and be sure to point your browser – the one stop shop for all information related to the GTC today!