2011 – December’s Monthly Meeting Review

December’s Monthly Meeting –

By Fabian Ramirez, Riley Life


December’s lunch presentation by Michael Schley, CEO and Founder of FM:Systems, delivered a wealth of knowledge regarding the benefits of using BIM for facility management.


Building Information Modeling or BIM, has great benefits in the planning, design and construction phases of a building.  BIM serves as the repository for a building’s details/specs shared between engineers, architects, surveyors, contractors and subcontractors.  BIM has the capability of displaying layouts in 3D and providing instant feedback on changes that save time and money by discovering problems long before the construction begins.


Once the building is constructed, the facility manager can easily access the information provided by BIM.   The access to this data is no doubt, the biggest benefit for a facility manager.  So much time and money is spent trying to aggregate all building information for maintenance purposes.  Examples of such are documentation for air handlers, water heaters and even paint color codes for various walls.


Almost two-thirds of a 20+ year old building’s expenses are directly attributed to operating and maintenance.  BIM helps reduce these statistics greatly.  With BIM, all building information is electronic and easy to analyze.  All information is also easily up-dateable.  Additional BIM perks includes improved space management, sustainability analysis and change management.