2012 – February Meeting Review

February Meeting Review 

Submitted by Leslie Herndon, Greenscape Inc.


Julian Prosser, Assistant City Manager for the City of Raleigh, joined us for the monthly meeting at the Brier Creek Country Club.  During the presentation, Julian touched on the many Renewable Energy Initiatives that the City has undertaken over the last few years.  From the Convention Center street lights to hybrid and plug in vehicles.  They have numerous project underway and are evaluating each one for sustainability and return on investment.  Many of the projects involve business partners like CREE.  Their relationship with CREE has resulted in the City of Raleigh becoming the 1st LED lighted City in the world and has resulted more locally in energy savings, reduced maintenance, and less vandalism due to the switch in many City building and parking decks to LED lights.   The City is also undertaking these projects to examine existing codes and building standards, as well as streamlining the infrastructure process to ensure that they promote the use of sustainable technologies rather than discourage building owners and contractors.  All in all, they believe that while they have realized many benefits from the technologies they have implemented, there are still many more to be discovered as they continue to learn and as the technology evolves.