2012 – June’s Monthly Meeting Review

June’s Monthly Meeting Review

By Mike Kriston, McDonald York

The June Monthly Meeting has come and gone, and it was a great one!  The new IFMA Board was sworn in, and we heard from the facility manager for Ft. Bragg – a 256 square mile “Facility” consisting of 48 Million square feet of buildings, 1550 lane miles of paved roads, a hospital and 12 schools.

The first segment of the meeting was the swearing in of new officers, which is an annual tradition at the June Meeting.  This year outgoing President Craig Youst swore in the new officers, consisting of the following individuals:

-President: Jeff Tyburski

-Vice-President: Neville Devlaliwalla

-Secretary: Lorana Price

-Treasurer: Rob Griffin

Following the swearing in ceremony, we were introduced to Fort Bragg, a facility which has a daytime population of roughly 257,000, and a nighttime population of 57,000, its own utilities and a 579 acre airfield.  The presenter walked us through the chains of command, an overview on the different departments responsible for the facility, and described some of the challenges associated with running such a large facility.

If you were not there, you missed out!  Make it a point to attend an IFMA meeting this summer, and bring a friend who may also benefit from attending IFMA!