2012 – May Monthly Meeting Review

May’s 2012 Monthly Meeting Review

By Mike Kriston, McDonald York

Wow!  May was an action packed meeting!  In addition to a show of appreciation for our sponsors, IFMA Triangle’s own Connie Drake and Phil Tackett of Little presented on Facility Planning Terminology and Technology.  The presenters did an excellent job of breaking down the various types of planning that must take place in a facility, and what elements should be present in any tool used to help in a facility planning effort.

In the Terminology section, we discussed 4 types of planning that must take place to be effective.  Three of these must be sequential, in that the previous planning effort sets the parameters of the following planning effort.  The sequential 3 types are:  1) Strategic Planning 2) Master Planning 3) Tactical Planning.  The 4th type was Occupancy Planning which runs in conjunction with the other three.

Strategic Planning consists of projecting where the business will be several years down the road and determining the necessary steps that must be taken for success.  Master Planning takes the strategic planning effort as a basis, and then looks to apply those principles to a specific geography or site.  Tactical Planning looks at how to implement the goals set in the previous two planning systems.  Finally, Occupancy Planning looks at effective deployment of people and resources, in a way that supports the previous planning efforts.


When choosing software that supports these efforts, one should think about where the data is now and how they can pull this together to prepare a good baseline.  Things to look for are Personnel Lists (HR), Groups Names and contracts (Finance), Space Assignments and layouts (Facilities).  Several other factors to take into consideration are group requirements including support spaces and conference room needs, group adjacency, forecast projects, space limitations and the ability to produce reports that are suitable for Upper Management.

Overall, it was a highly educational and informative session, and reinforced the fact that IFMA Triangle continues to be a wealth of knowledge for our members.  If you are not a member, you are missing out, as we have experts in many different facets of facility management and can be used as a resource at any time.  IFMA Membership is worth every penny!