August Meeting

August Monthly Meeting in Review

By Connie Drake, CFM

Tracey Gritz from The Efficient Office was an enthusiastic speaker who entertained us at the August meeting. Tracey talked about how to align your priorities to become more productive.  Her presentation was based around the 5 Ways to Work Less and Accomplish More.

A.L.I.G.N with your Priorities

A.     Answer your Why – Why are you doing all the things you are doing.  Understanding the why will help you determine what to say ‘Yes’ too. Learn to appreciate what you have and live your life fully.

L.    Learn about your Mindset – Are you feeling a perceived guilt for a behavior?  Maybe you need to change your mindset and remove the guilt.  Coming into work a few days a week after 9 is ok to allow yourself time for a workout or drop the     kids off at school as you still put in your hours.

I.    Identifying your Priority – What does success mean to you?  If you say yes to one thing, you are saying no to others.  You can’t do everything at once; some things need to be push to later.

G.    Goals! Clearly, Defined and Reviewed Often – Assess your priorities to determine what to say ‘Yes’ to in order to get you closer to the goal is truly the simplest path.

N.    Now Align your Productivity  – Use the 4 R’s for a laser focused work week.    1. Review current work week  2. Review next week – be ready    3. Review your goals    4. Review your task list

Understanding the 5 most important things in your life and aligning them with the 5 things you do most in a day will make you the most productive and happiest person possible.

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