January 2014 – Meeting Review

January Monthly Meeting Review:

Speaker Johnny Lee – “Work Place Violence Prevention” By Jamie Brooks, City Wide Maintenance of NC

Well, we all know that Work Place Violence is no laughing matter!  Nevertheless, Johnny Lee, our January speaker, manages to make this topic accessible and relevant, while keeping his presentation entertaining and energetic.  Our speaker at the first monthly meeting of 2014, Johnny Lee, is the Director of Peace@Work, an agency dedicated to the prevention of violence in and throughout the workplace.  His previous experience includes his role as the Training Director for the UNC-Chapel Hill Injury Prevention Research Center’s PREVENT program, delivering a national violence prevention training program. He was previously also the Workplace Violence Specialist for the Office of State Personnel in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Our meeting was kicked off by Neville Devlaliwalla, our Chapter President.  Neville covered some upcoming event details, recognized new members and guests, and then put a call out for greater participation and engagement in 2014.

Following Neville’s opening remarks, Johnny presented an insightful lesson on:

(1)   the types of work place violence,

(2)   a framework for performing a risk assessment on your work place, and

(3)   considerations for how to assess specific threats.

We are fortunate in that Johnny is very generous with offering his presentation slides for posting to our website.  You can find Johnny’s presentation at the following link:  Presentation link; Resource Folder

In summary, workplace violence is broader than just the notion of employee on employee violence.  Workplace violence includes suicides, and even domestic violence that impacts workplace performance.  It may be impossible to completely eliminate workplace violence, but the risks can surly be managed and threats mitigated significantly by performing a proper and thorough risk assessment and threat assessment, when appropriate.  The key take-aways from Mr. Lee’s presentation were to broaden your understanding of what is encompassed by workplace violence, and be proactive through risk and threat assessment.

We thank Johnny, again, for his time and his educational presentation.