January Monthly Meeting Review

Review by Connie Drake – Little

Jeff Nischwitz presented “Accelerating your Business…One Relationship at a Time.”

Jeff was a great speaker, he had a lot of enthusiasm and energy.  His motto is “It is good to be Crazy, so Jump on the Wagon.”  The focus of the talk was around the importance of relationships, no matter what job you are in, you need to deal with relationships.  Make commitments to yourself and your team members and stick to them.  The relationship that you have with your team members should be very open and honest.  By doing this, they can be a great source of encourage and support to fulfilling your commitments.  What matters is how you WALK, not what you TALK.

Honesty is a great policy with relationships.  You can’t have a good relationship if you are not honest with the person and ourselves.  You need to take the risk in the relationship by being honest to hold each other accountable.

You need to earn the right to be in the relationship, earn respect from the other person.  How you do that is to be focused on them, put down your phone and give them your full attention.  Ask them questions and listen to their answers, really encage with them.

Jeff is a very enlightening person and had great ideas when it comes to improving relationship in the workplace and at home.  Check out his article in the FMCorner and his other material online. www.thinkagaincoaching.com