July Citrix Tour

July Citrix Tour

By Carol Woodyard

What a great summer day for our IFMA membership that participated in our tour of the new Citrix office located at 120 S West Street in the warehouse district of downtown Raleigh.  We gathered at 5:00PM and the tour started at 5:30PM.

The new Citrix office is a redevelopment of the Dillon Supply Warehouse.  This facility is one of four “Tier 1” sites (more than 500 people) for Citrix in the US.  About 550 employees work in the building today with a total capacity of 900+.

The facility is a great example of the work environments being developed to attract and keep employees enthused by providing a collaborative and fun environment.  Work spaces are assigned throughout the facility with 90% of employees in open office area. Most employee desks have the ability to rise to standing height with the push of a button. There are many meetings spaces available including small conference areas for 2 to 4 employees up to a stadium seating area and an Executive conference and training center.   A stack of 8 conference rooms constructed from 16 recycled shipping containers displayed the amazing effort made to repurpose materials.

The Design and Construction teams worked hard to reuse features and materials of the original warehouse including two of the exterior brick walls, bricks from other walls were recycled and used as feature pieces in conference rooms and at the base of the 30’ by 60’ “living wall”.  Two of the bridge cranes were used as accents, as were two railroad tracks in a new conference room table design, concrete footers were placed and steel forged doors used for the cafe pizza oven.

Some of the fun features we saw on the tour were interior bike storage (with company owned bike checkouts), basketball and racquetball courts, a well-stocked fitness center and a specially designed yoga studio and bocce court on the roof.

A well-attended social followed the Citrix Tour at the Flying Saucer thanks to sponsoring by Custom Door & Gate and Bland Landscaping.