July Luncheon

July Meeting Review

By Leslie Herndon, Greenscape Inc.

Can’t see the top of your desk?  Have a clean desk but can’t find anything in your files?  Are you drowning in paper at home or at the office?  Then you definitely should have attended our July Meeting featuring Barbara Hemphill from PEI, Productive Environment Institute.  Barbara started out the meeting by telling everyone of her belief that “Clutter is postponed decisions” and how to enact the File-Act-Toss System.   This sentiment can apply to work or home and the processes and systems for overcoming the clutter are the same for your office or your closet or your office.  Her principle is if you don’t know you have it, or you can’t find it, it is of no value to you!  Many companies find themselves drowning in not only paper but with the advent of technology, overloaded servers and electronic documents.  Most of this clutter comes from organizations not setting up an Information Management System.  When you set up this system there are a series of questions to ask yourself and your team.

1) What do we need to keep?
2) In what form?
3) For how long?
4) Who is responsible for filing it?
5) Who needs access?
6) How can we find it?
7) How is it backed up?

During one event with a company going paperless and moving, Hemphill assisted for 12 days and 400 employees shredded 33,000 lbs of paper and half of their electronic files by asking themselves these 7 questions over and over!  That is an amazing amount of clutter that accumulated over years disappearing in 12 days.  For more information you can visit her website at www.productiveenvironment.com