June Luncheon

June Luncheon – Body Language and Influence in the Workplace

By Mike Kriston

Our June 2015 meeting was an action packed meeting – involving an extremely dynamic and educational speaker as well as swearing in our new board for the 2015-2016 year!

Following the swearing in of our new board members, Randy Rabon, President; Dianne Brindisi, VP; Carol Carter, Secretary; Hayden James, Treasurer, Linda Talley, Ph.D, CSP gave a really great talk on body language and influence at work.

Dr. Talley started with an introduction to emotional intelligence, of which awareness of body language is one component. She stated that studies have established that there is a direct correlation between an increase in Emotional Intelligence and an increase in compensation. She stated that it takes less than 3 seconds for our followers to pick up on our lead and influence, and those with a higher level of emotional intelligence generally are better able to match their non-verbal communication with their verbal communication.

According to Dr. Talley, a self-awareness on body language is important because body language that does not reflect our intent will distract and shut our followers down. She used the example of someone who says they are “fine”, but their body language doesn’t display that they are “fine” – we’ve all seen this example and know how it has made us feel. She stated that “The Truth lies in Non-Verbal Communication”.  At all times we have levels of cortisol and testosterone in our system; often times cortisol is associated with smaller, weaker, defensive positions; and testosterone is associated with more dominant positions. She helped us unlock the secret of changing our chemical makeup and increasing our testosterone levels before important meetings with an exercise that takes roughly 3 minutes and can be done while sitting at your desk, chair or in your car.

She also discussed the best way to make an instant connection with anyone, the truth behind smiles, proper use of eye contact, hand motions and foot positions when trying to influence your followers. It was an extremely interesting presentation and was one of the best of the year, in my opinion. Attendance at this program has certainly increased my awareness in my body language, and I have implemented a fair number of the tips and tricks she has given us into my daily routine.

If you weren’t able to attend the event, you can view videos, articles, and whitepapers at www.lindatalley.com.