March 2014 – Meeting Review

March’s Monthly Meeting

Speaker Mike Malloy from CREE – “LED Lighting in the Workplace – and how it’s evolving.By Dave Kellerman, Watson Energy

This Month there was an outstanding speaker, Michael Malloy from CREE ( who shared with our group the direction, challenges, and benefits of LED lighting.  Energy, more importantly lighting which accounts for almost .20 per dollar spent on energy is becoming a growing concern for companies.  Mike’s discussion highlighted the benefits both financially and economically for our organizations to convert to a more efficient means of energy utilization.  To gain an understanding about LED, Mike explained how LED lights are created and why they are so energy efficient.  The most exciting news to come out of the LED market (other than the reduction in price and increases in rebate opportunities) is the fact that great strides have been made in increasing the color quality and temperature of the lights created today versus 3 years ago.   Today, according to Mike, LED lighting produces a greater color quality than fluorescent and incandescent lights.   Now there are indoor and outdoor options for companies to reduce lighting costs.

At a time when energy costs are rising, this conversation was not only relevant, but timely too.  Imagine how facility budgets could be affected if there were a 20 – 40% reduction in overall energy costs per year over the next 15-20 years.  For some companies, this savings totals five figures per year.  For a copy of Mike’s presentation, Click Here.