November 2011 – Meeting Review

November’s Meeting Review

By Fabian Ramirez, RileyLife

 In just 5 years, The Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA has managed to triple its size to just under 300 members.  Our chapter continuously pushes the envelope to make each coming year better than the last.  2012 is no exception which is why our chapter has implemented a balanced scorecard approach aimed at improving the following 4 key areas:


  • Stakeholder benefit 
  • Internal/external communication 
  • Member learning and growth
  • Financial strength and transparency


Creating targets, strategic objectives, initiatives and metrics in these 4 key areas is essential to attaining the goals set by our board.  Each key area has been assigned a sponsor whom serves as the liaison to the committees within our chapter.  The following committees are dedicated to executing the activities which have been set forth, measure the success of those efforts, and report back the results.   


  • Communications – responsible for enhancing chapter brand, all outward communication and PR – Chair: Neville Devlaliwalla
  • Programs – responsible for coordinating monthly meetings where FM professionals are educated on various aspects of facility management – Chair: Heather Denny
  • Membership – responsible for growing the chapter via new members and retention of current members – Chair: Todd Taintor
  • Networking and Events – responsible for coordinating events where members can interact and connect – Chair: Laura Connaughton
  • Professional Development – responsible for creating educational opportunities for FMs, FM mentorship, scholarships for members and promoting IFMA accreditation – Chair: Simon George
  • Community Outreach  responsible for coordinating events where IFMA members can give back to community through charitable initiatives – Chair: Denise Johnston 
  • Treasurer – responsible for tracking all aspects of finance such as budget, sponsorship money,  and committee accountability for expenses – Chair: Linnet Vissering


 All committees are dedicated to improving our chapter but most importantly, they are committed to providing the utmost value to each and every member.  Should you have an interest in joining a committee, please reach out to the respective committee chair.