October 2014 Meeting Review

October Meeting Review – Chapter Town Hall

By Connie Drake, CFM

Over the last few years, our Chapter has focused on creating and using the Balanced Scorecard approach to help accomplish the goals and objective of the Chapter.  We use this Scorecard to create our budget and measure our success throughout the year.  Balanced Scorecard 2014-2015.

In October’s meeting Laura Shaw, this year’s Chapter President, talked about this Balanced Scorecard, what our objectives are and how we intend to accomplish our goals.  She also shared what we have done this past year and showed the updated info-graphic.  Click here to view the latest updates.  Overall we have a very successful chapter, and we continue to grow and accomplish new things which allows us to bring new programs, services and benefits to the Chapter as a whole.  We look forward to continuing these efforts in the years to come.