September – The World of IFMA Triangle Chapter Operations

September – The World of IFMA Triangle Chapter Operations

Meeting write up by Paul Fox,  310 Architecture & Interiors

Our September meeting is best described as “a behind the scenes tour” of our local Triangle Chapter.   Board Members Jeff Tyburski (President), Neville Devlaliwalla (Vice President) and Craig Youst (Past President) presented an overview of how our Chapter is structured at the Board and Committee Levels and how our strategic objectives are aligned with IFMA National. They also described the financial and planning successes of our Chapter this past year, the lessons we learned and what initiatives are in place moving forward.

Jeff described the relationship our chapter has with the IFMA National, and that IFMA as a whole is “the world’s largest and most recognized international professional association”.  This is an amazing statement…….. and what makes IFMA so successful are the members focus on the Facility Manager.

Interesting STATS:  IFMA has over 22,000 members and 270 Chapters, Our local Chapter is over 300 members strong with 5 Board members, 6 committees and over  60 committee members.  We are still growing….

Jeff explained the roles and positions of the Board Members and functions of each of the Committees.   The committees are listed below:

Communications: “Get the Word Out” group primarily responsible for the Website, Newsletters and Consistent Message to the Membership

Community Outreach: “the Give Back” group who is responsible for researching and Hosting Community Sponsored Events such as Habitat, the Backpack and USO Programs

Membership: “the social” group who is responsible for welcoming new members, member retention and recruitment

Networking Events & Sponsorship: group who is focused on larger special events and sponsorship management

Professional Development: “our educational resource” group who is responsible for sustaining professional credentialing programs, scholarships and exam prep courses

Programs: “the planners” group who organize, schedule and plan the monthly luncheons and building tours.  These events are planned as much as 6 to 9 months in advance

Golf Committee: “the players” : a team who are responsible for the largest and most successful Group Event Every Year.  It requires tremendous planning and sponsorship.


Craig talked about our past year and its successes.

Interesting STATS:  

  • Our Chapter grew from 259 members to over 300
  • Over 78% of the Membership said continued growth was an enhancement to the Chapter
  • Record set for sponsorship in 2012
  • Attendance exceeded at every Event, 38% higher than expected
  • 84% of Membership said Networking is helping the Chapter
  • 97% of Membership agree the Chapter Communicates Well
  • 100% of Membership are satisfied with the Chapter
  • 97.5 % of Membership Benefit from Services
  • 100% of Membership would recommend IFMA to another person

We are fortunate to have doubled our membership over the last five years, significantly increase sponsorship, and provide better quality programs, more educational and networking events.  However with this growth and success has created challenges. Because of this we are focusing on growth management for this fiscal year.  Jeff reminded us that this all begins with refocusing on our six strategic objectives, mission and vision of which we all should know this as part of our “stump speech” as we move forward …..

Chapter Mission:  To promote participation in and vitality of the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA by focusing on education, networking, and leadership to further develop the core competencies of the facilities profession.  

Our Vision:  To serve as the ultimate resource and representative for facility management.

Neville provided insight for moving forward and how we get there from here.  He explained the balanced scorecard process the committees are championed to use which measures and targets our key objectives and goals.  These objectives and our balanced scorecard process was a result of tremendous efforts by the Board and Committees and is available for review on the website.  It is worth knowing how we plan to measure our success and challenges.

Overall, the behind the scenes tour was informative overview of who we are, where we have been and what we are doing to move forward.  It shows tremendous success and outlines measurable goals and objectives for the next year.   The Chapter appreciates the very insightful presentation of Jeff, Neville and Craig for their very thorough review of our IFMA Triangle Chapter Operations.

For a link to the Presentation: Chapter Operations-Monthly Meeting Sept. 2012

For a link to the Balanced Scorecard Presentation:  2012 Balanced Scorecard