Sonitrol of the Triangle

Sonitrol_logo-01Sonitrol of the Triangle was founded in August 1998 by then co-owners Chuck Harrelson and John Hoffmann. We were drawn to the idea of Sonitrol through close association with other Sonitrol owners and the impeccable reputation Sonitrol enjoyed around the country. Our goal was to utilize the unique Sonitrol “Verified Detection” or “Smart Audio” technology which separated Sonitrol from all the other companies in the industry. We combined this with the Sonitrol “Commitment To Service” and our own commitment to provide the highest quality installations, monitoring and especially customer service. We grew in the early years due to our dedication to those principles and we strive to continually treat each new customer as if they are our first and our first customers as if they are our newest. After 9 years, John Hoffmann retired from Sonitrol of the Triangle but much of our staff has been with us for the majority of our years in business.

Contact Information:

Jeffrey Debonzo
(919) 848-3611