Exterior Diagnostic Services

ExteriorDS[1]-01Exterior Diagnostic Services (EDS) is a waterproofing and exterior building restoration company serving the southeast region of the US. Water penetration and intrusion are especially troublesome.  EDS is readily available to offer building owners and managers commercial waterproofing solutions delivered professionally, on time, and within budget. Our services are performed by licensed and highly-qualified technicians who are trained to provide you with the best service using cutting-edge techniques and technology, with minimal disruption to tenants. 

Contact Information: www.EDSwp.com

Rick Croom: rick@EDSwp.com
PO Box 821 – Apex, NC – 27502


The well-trained and experienced technicians at EDS are experts in leak detection and correction. From common repairs, such as sealant replacement, to bigger projects, including complete building façade repair and replacement, EDS enables property owners to overcome waterproofing and exterior maintenance challenges. We perform the following specialty services on commercial, institutional, and industrial structures throughout NC, SC and VA.

  • Water Intrusion Detection and Waterproofing ·
  • Flashing and Moisture Barrier Installation
  • Expansion Joint Installation and Repair 
  • Window Sealant Reconstruction
  • Brick, Concrete, and EIFS Repair ·
  • Precast Façade Installation and Repair
  • Parking Deck Restoration and Sealing
  • Wet Sealing, Caulking, and Building Coatings

EDS has successfully provided waterproofing remedies for persistent issues, where others have failed. Our highly skilled EDS work force performs the specified waterproofing project with minimal disruption to tenants. Their meticulous attention to detail and safety is evident throughout the entire project. The experts at EDS provide exactly what property professionals need to take care of water infiltration issues: accurate diagnosis, proven corrective solutions and peace of mind.